New Canned Food
MJ’s New Canned Food


MJ’s proudly expands its range with the introduction of a new line: Canned Food. We are thrilled to offer Canned Peas, Red Kidney, Chickpeas, Canned Sweet Corn, Canned Mushrooms, and Canned Baked Beans

Discover the convenience of having these versatile pantry staples readily available whenever you desire a burst of flavour and nutrition. Our Canned Peas boast the perfect balance of tenderness and freshness, offering a pop of vibrant green in every bite. With our Canned Sweet Corn, you can experience the sweet, crisp kernels that effortlessly elevate salads, stir-fries, and savoury dishes alike. Our Canned Mushrooms bring a savoury umami note to your recipes, adding depth and richness to soups, sauces, and casseroles. Last but not least, our Canned Baked Beans provide a hearty and comforting touch, infused with a savoury tomato sauce that perfectly complements breakfast, brunch, or a quick and satisfying dinner.