Chocolate Hazelnut Spread in 200g Glass Jar

Made with hearty hazelnuts and real cocoa, Chocito’s Hazelnut Spread With Real Cocoa never fails to satisfy a chocolate craving. We pride ourselves with selecting only the richest of raw ingredients. By doing so we have created an incredibly fluid cream in Chocito’s Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, allowing you to enjoy a sensation of rich flavour.

It’s not just the taste that’s incredible, it’s also the nutritional facts. With 21% less fat, 7% less carbs and 2.5% less sugar than the market leader, Chocito’s Hazelnut Chocolate Spread makes your guilty pleasures less guilty. We also never use palm oil. Instead, we use sunflower oil – better for your health and better for the environment.❤️????


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